Guardiola’s City eliminates Arteta’s Arsenal in the FA Cup

Guardiola’s City eliminates Arteta’s Arsenal in the FA Cup
  • A goal from defender Aké classifies the Manchester team for the round of 16.

With a goal from the Dutch defender Nathan Akea secondary in the midst of so many stars, the Manchester City of the teacher Pep Guardiola knocked out of the FA Cup Arsenal of his gifted student, Mikel Arteta in the one-on-one between the two teams that for now dominate the Premier (1-0).

At full speed, with alternatives, local dominance but visiting occasions as well, especially in the first half, it was Guardiola’s team that came out triumphant and achieved the goal of reach the eighth cupbearers and extend the competitive adventure in this competition.

It is Arsenal that dominates the Premier. City, second behind, five points away. But first face-to-face of the season fell to the Manchester team that remains inaccessible to its rival. The ‘sky blues’ already have six victories in a row against Arsenal. Only once has Arteta been able to break Guardiola as a coach.

Haaland, sin gol

The duel of Spaniards on the benches met expectations. did not unbalance Erling Haaland that adds twenty-five goals so far this season. Nor for Arsenal Edward Nketiah, on a roll in recent days. It was the defender Aké, a specialist in containment tasks, relegated in the repercussion generated by his team, who was at the right time in the right place to culminate an action that came after game time, gestated with a shot at the post from the Argentine Julian Alvarez and resolved by Jack Grealish who found the Dutch defender as a solution, the one who brought the ball into the net.

Everything had been able to happen up to that moment, with a better staging of Arsenal despite reserving at his helm, Martin Odegaard, on the bench. He was able to score the Premier League leader after five minutes with a shot from outside the box by Japanese Takehiro Tomiyasu to which goalkeeper Stefan Ortega responded, avoiding the goal minutes later from a shot by Leandro Trossard.

Stefan Ortega, hit

Between the two, a warning from Haaland who faced the goalkeeper Matt Turner that he had to leave his zone to clear. The Norwegian picked up the rebound and, from Chile, looked for the goal but the ball was cleared by the visiting defense.

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There was more. Like the Kevin De Bruyne Already in the second half, when Pep Guardiola’s team picked up pace. Then came the goal, at game time, defined by Aké who rewarded the most daring citizen after the break.

Arteta turned to Odegaard and, above all, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Matinelli who gave depth to Arsenal and cornered City, sustained by the inspiration of goalkeeper Stefan Ortega until the end.


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