Guasp (Cs) requests the holding of a monographic plenary session to address the problems and challenges of young people


The regional coordinator of Ciudadano (Cs) Baleares and parliamentary spokesperson, Patricia Guasp, has requested the holding of a plenary session to address the problems and challenges of young people, after lamenting the “lack of policies” to improve the situation of young people and report problems such as unemployment and school dropouts.

As reported by Ciudadanos this Saturday in a press release, the coordinator and spokesperson for the liberal formation in the Balearic Islands has requested the holding of a monographic plenary session with the aim of addressing issues related to the young people of the Islands and proposing policies that improve their situation. .

“Young people, together with temporary and low-income workers, are the ones who are being most affected by the negative impact of this crisis, which is added to the many others that they have had to overcome in recent years. Guasp lamented. The liberal spokesperson recalled that, “according to the latest Emancipation Observatory corresponding to the second semester of 2021, only 15.6 percent of young people have emancipated themselves.”

In this sense, Guasp has pointed out that “only 36 percent of households under 35 years of age are owners, having to dedicate almost four times their full salary to be able to pay the down payment on a mortgage.” “Regarding rent, young people must allocate more than a quarter of their salary to pay for a home, which does not allow them to maintain adequate personal finances,” added the leader of Cs.

Guasp has also criticized that “the early school leaving rate in Spain is the highest in the European Union, only behind Romania, unemployment rates among young people have increased and they are more exposed to high levels of poverty, a factor that affects even more to those who already come from more vulnerable socioeconomic backgrounds”. “In Spain, moreover, students have a profile of skills that does not respond to the needs of the labor market, harming their chances of finding stable employment,” she pointed out.

Likewise, the leader of the liberal formation in the Balearic Islands has criticized that “young workers have higher levels of temporary employment, and that the youth unemployment rate in Spain, according to Eurostat data for the third quarter of 2021, stands at 31, 1 percent, while in the rest of Europe it is 15.9”.

In addition, Guasp has criticized that the average annual earnings of the youngest “is less than what generations had 12 years ago, while in this same period of time -and according to INSS data- the average retirement pension has increased by 40.48 percent”. “A divergence that no society should consider fair and, nevertheless, we see how the Government has proposed that, in its General State Budget bill for 2023, almost half of public resources be allocated to the payment of pensions, while that youth, emancipation and employment promotion policies remain in the background”, he lamented.

“From Ciudadanos we denounce the lack of bipartisan reforms, for which we ask that the current problems of the new generations be addressed in the public debate by holding a monographic plenary session on youth and proposing policies that improve it,” said Guasp, who has claimed that “the Government has to subsidize 100% of the quotas of the self-employed corresponding to the first two years of activity for young people under 35 years of age, in addition to promoting and guaranteeing specific active employment policies”.

Finally, the spokeswoman for Cs Baleares has urged the Government to “develop a Strategic Youth Plan with the aim of offering a comprehensive response to the needs of young people that is based on quality training and education, stable and quality employment, entrepreneurship and self-employment, retention, attraction and return of talent, affordable housing, eradication of violence, promotion of social and democratic values, full inclusion of young people with disabilities, healthy living and mental health”.


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