Guendalina Tavassi shows herself again with a swollen eye and breaks the silence: “I can’t tell what happened. Who knows the truth, speak”

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Continue the mystery about the black eye of Guendalina Tavassi. The former gieffina, however, spoke, still on Instagram, still with a rather swollen eye. “I can’t tell what happened because it’s all in the hands of the lawyers. So, please, don’t ask me what happened and who did it, because I can’t answer it ”, explained Tavassi referring to the turmoil triggered by the photo then deleted in a few minutes where it showed a black eye. “From tomorrow Guendalina retrucca, will put a filter not only on Instagram, but also in life”, added the former competitor of the Big Brother.

“As I always have, why I have always tried to disguise, to smile and to react, so sometimes I don’t get it, you might think it’s not true. No it does not. Everyone has their own way of reacting. I react like this because in my life I have lived so many that I no longer have tears. It is not just those who go to bed for whole days, because I can feel worse than everyone and disguise in this way. Because I have children and this is my job ”. Finally, a lunge said to the daughter-in-law so that the mother-in-law means: “And then I tell people who are looking for popularity, that they should tell the truth if they know it. Let them say it since I can’t speak”.

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