Guests enjoying cool food as the fire spreads in the wedding tent – Video | Fire Brings Down Wedding Guests Keep Eating

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The proverb is ‘in front of the meal, behind the work’. In Maharashtra, a video of guests eating at a wedding party went viral on social media. The incident took place at Bhiwandi in Thane district.

It is a common sight to see people running in panic and trying to put out a fire in a public place. In contrast, guests dine as if the fire were an art event held as part of a wedding celebration. The video shows the fire burning behind the cool eaters. They also occasionally look back and comment on the fire.

According to media reports, the firecrackers exploded during the wedding celebrations and spread to the pandal. Six two-wheelers, chairs and decorative items were reportedly burnt. Four fire engines arrived on the scene and avoided a major accident. No one was hurt.

Many people who have seen the video have commented that the ‘Food of the Year’ award is for them, the ‘fire’ of inner hunger is more important to them than the outer fire, sincere guests …

English Summary : As Fire Brings Down Wedding, Guests Keep Eating.


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