Guinness World Records for Pays Education Group | Guinness World Records again for Pace Education Group

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Dubai: A total of 16,367 people from 64 countries signed the nine-meter video. 18 m long and 18 m wide. New Guinness World Records for Pays Education Group D. The flag was erected as part of the UAE’s 50th International Day celebrations. Students in six art schools under the Pace Education Group Participated in the efforts of the students. Student on canvas in all four colors of the flag Teachers, teachers and guardians were printing.

Guinness World Records at the India International School Grounds in Sharjah. The code was announced by the day. Pace Group builds space rocket with direct students Guinness Book of World Records Gulf with students at India International School Sharjah Asian English School Sharjah, Creative British School Abu Dhabi, P Ys International School Sharjah, Delhi Private School a Jaman, Pais British School Sharjah, Paismoden British Students from Cool Dubai also participated.

Group Chairman Dr. P.A. Representative at the event, which was chaired by Ibrahim Haji. The code was announced by Dhi Ahmed Buchiri. The world’s foremost country that creates the conditions for growth for all UAE’s Golden Jubilee Celebration P.A. is very happy to be a part of this. E Brahim Haji said. All students who have participated in the Guinness Book of Records effort A lifetime of caregivers, teachers and non-teachers He also thanked the people.

Pace Group Senior Director Asif Muhammed, Deputy Mane Jing Director Salman Ebrahim, Executive Director Zubair E Brahim, Directors Royal Latif E Brahim, Bilal E Brahim , Dr. Adil Ibrahim, Principal, India International School Manju Reji, Other School Principal Mariana Sreenu Banu, Muhsinka Tata Yat, Dr. Years from Vishal Kataria, Emma Henderson, Graham Howe Was arrested. School Vice Principal Shifana Muiz, Senior Admin Manager The new Guinness Book of World Records is under the leadership of Razzaf Azad. And FIG.


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