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The news has come as a great relief to the expatriates. No need to worry about emptying a mitch pocket anymore. Through Pravasi Malayalee, we are sharing with you about the new system of Saudi that captures Pravasi. In Saudi Arabia, the system of renewing the residence document of expatriates in installments has been introduced.

This is something that gives expats a lot of financial relief. At present, instead of renewing the iqama in one go, one has to renew it in installments by paying a one-year fee. In addition to one year, the facility of renewing the iqama for three, six and nine months and thereby paying the fee in installments is now available.

With the introduction of the new system, it will be possible to reduce the financial burden of making a lump sum payment. At present it costs 650 riyals to renew an iqama, 9,600 riyals to renew a work permit and 4,800 riyals to renew a dependent visa for one year. It is often difficult to close it together. This now provides the facility to pay in installments.

With the new decision, the iqama fee will be 163 riyals for three months, 325 riyals for six months and 488 riyals for nine months. Similarly, work permits can be paid at 2400, 4800 and 7200 riyals and dependent levy at 1200, 2400 and 3600 riyals. With the introduction of installment payments, it is possible to pay only for the duration of stay in Saudi Arabia.

At present, those who stay for only one month have to pay a one-year levy as they have to pay a one-year advance. This will place unnecessary financial burden on expatriates and company owners. This will be a relief for those who are sending their families home for vacation and other occasions.

Iqama can be renewed for three, six, nine and twelve months. To renew a residence permit, you must first pick up the bill number for the Labor Card payment at the Electronic Services of the Department of Labor. There are three, six, nine and twelve options to choose from. From here select the specified month and issue the bill and pay. Then the money to be paid in Javasat should be selected and paid in the specified month. With this, the iqama can be renewed.

Saudi officials announced last month that the iqama fee would be paid in installments, but the technology for renewing visas and accepting fees accordingly is now in place. In Saudi Arabia, the iqama for foreigners is renewed for one year.

This is now available for expatriates to renew in installments. The facility to renew for three, six, nine and twelve months was made available on the website of the Ministry of Labor yesterday. In order to renew the Iqama, the invoice number for payment to the Labor Card has to be taken first. It was available for 12 months. Now you have to choose for how many months and pay. The iqama can be renewed by paying Javasat later. Foreigners can also pay the family levy in installments.

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