Gunman in the FBI offices: killed. Trump, dossier on nuclear weapons

Trump search ordered by the Minister of Justice: US in revolt

The search in the house of Donald Trump on the part of the FBI sparked the reaction of the former president’s militants Usa. Was killed by agents the gunman who attempted to do break-in in an office of the FBI in Ohio and fled after having triggered the security measures. The incident caught the attention of the whole country because it occurred just days after the FBI ransacked the house in Florida by former President Donald Trump. The FBI agents, during the search of the residence of former President Donald Trump, would have gone in search of some documents classified on the nuclear weapons that would be taken away from the White House. To report it, citing exclusive sources close to the investigation, is the Washington Post.

Armed subject in the FBI offices. “Upon activation of the alarms – the authorities explained at a press conference – and the prompt response of the special agents, the subject fled”. According to various testimonies collected by local media, Ricky Shiffer42, showed up armed with one nail gun and a fucile AR-15 as well as wearing a bulletproof vest. His escape began in a car with the vehicle that was chased by the police who forced the assailant to stop in a rural area, near a wheat field, there it would be died after wounds reported after firefight.

L’Attorney general Merrick Garland explained that he had authorized personally the raid of the FBI in the resort in Florida by former US President Donald Trump. In a short message sent three days after the searches in Mar-a-Lago, the intervention of the responsible for Justice comes when the United States I’m on the verge of one institutional crisis unprecedented: never in American history had the incumbent administration taken a court order against a former president and potential adversary in 2024. US Justice Minister, Merrick Garlandin his statements to the press did not mention new details about the investigation that led the FBI to search the residence of Mar-a-Lago by former President Donald Trump. Any news “will be reported in the appropriate forums,” Garland said, explaining that at the current state of the investigations it is not possible for him to do communications more.

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