Guns N’ Roses showed in Madrid that rock nostalgia continues to fill stadiums

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2023-06-10 02:26:22

Guns N’ Roses massive concert in Tel Aviv, Israel. Photo: @gunsnroses / Twitter

In the golden era of urban music and Latin rhythms, tens of thousands of people nostalgic for rock from the late 80s and early 90s gathered tonight at the Metropolitano stadium in Madrid to celebrate the existence of one of the most important bands in hard rock of all time, Guns n’Roses.

With some 40,000 tickets sold, according to the organization, the Angelenos were far from exhausting the capacity, as they did on their first visit to the capital in 2017 after the reunification of the three members of the original band, Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan.

But they more than met taking into account the Primavera Sound competition that this very night brought Depeche Mode or Kendrick Lamar to the City of Rock in Arganda del Rey, 20 kilometers from there.

In fact, the free buses for Primavera Sound left from the vicinity of the Metropolitano, which raised fears of a collapse due to the simultaneous influx of those attending both events, which ultimately did not occur.

Pretenders, despite being one of the great contemporary rock groups in their popularity, turned out to be unusual opening acts for Guns n’Roses, and played some of their most famous songs such as “I’ll stand by you” to a half-full stadium. or “Don’t get me wrong” with the intact leadership of Chrissie Hynde.

The multi-platinum “Apetite for destruction” (1986) and the double “Use your illusion” (1991) monopolized the limelight in a three and a half hour recital in which the emblematic trio was accompanied by Dizzy Reed (keyboard), Richard Fortus ( rhythm guitar), Frank Ferrer (drums) and Melissa Reese (keyboard).

With a sober staging and without saying a word, the band started punctually with “It’s so easy” from “Apetite for destruction” and followed without pause “Bad Obsession”, a song that talks about their past addictions to drugs, “ Chinese Democracy”, from what until now has been his last studio album and “Mister Brownstone”.

Although Axl Rose’s voice is not the same that made him famous decades ago, he dosed it to reach the peak moments in songs like “Welcome to the jungle”, with which the room’s temperature began to rise and arouse the enthusiasm of the audience. public of the Metropolitan

The power of the band, Slash’s prowess with his Gibson and a collection of undisputed greatest hits did the rest.

There were versions like “Slither”, by Velvet Revolver, the band formed in 2002 by Slash and McKagan or “Live and let die”, by Paul McCarthey that once again heated up the mood.

A couple of songs from the discarded material from “Chinese Democracy” were received with more lukewarmness, such as “Absurd” and “Hard skool”, which they plan to reunite on a forthcoming album.

Although in a different order, the group basically repeated the set with which they opened this tour last Monday in Tel Aviv.

Axl was left alone in the first line to interpret a version of “Wichita Lineman” and “You could be mine” was widely sung, doubly famous for the movie “Terminator”.

The atmosphere became more emotional with “Estranged”, a song lasting almost 9 minutes that helped both Slash and the keyboardist to shine especially, and it became more romantic with “Don’t cry”.

With the Ukrainian flag in the background, his anti-war anthem “Civil war” sounded and already in the final stretch, the most celebrated, “Sweet child of mine”, the ballad “November rain”, with the grand piano in the middle of the stage, “ Knockin’ on heavens doors” and “Night train”.

Although the three hours of the concert had already passed, “Yesterday”, the ballad “Patience” and the climax, “Paradise city” were still left for the encores.

Guns n’ Roses more than demonstrated that their songs are still alive and Axl Rose that he can still run across the stage and throw the microphone stands into the air, but details like a vacuum cleaner cleaning the stage floor or some spectator taking out the “tupperware” for dinner showed that times have changed.


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