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BOGOTA> Gustavo Pedro, the first left-wing president of independent Colombia, took office, promising to work together with all sections of the population. Thousands witnessed the swearing-in ceremony in Parque Tercera Milenio. Vice President Francia Marquez was also sworn in. He is the first black vice president.
The historic pact, a left-wing coalition, ended 212 years of centre-right governments.

“The beginning of a new democratic structure. The government will work with an emphasis on peace and environmental and social justice. It will stand with social progress. The government will be the servants of the people,” said Gustavo Petro, 62, in his first address. After decades of struggle, Petro became the 61st president with 50.8 percent of the vote. The anti-corruption movement leader Rudolph Hernandez, who was accused in the corruption case, was elected in June’s election. Defeated The previous government, led by Ivan Duke, was ousted after allegations of violating the 2016 peace accord and failing to pass tax reform.

According to the indigenous custom of Colombia, first Vice President Francia Marquez and then President Gustavo Petro took the stage. Many world leaders and representatives like Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, Chilean President Gabriel Boric and Bolivian President Luis Arce Catacora participated in the event. Petro announced that he will address the people at a public event on Monday at the Plaza de Bolivar.

From Guerrilla Fighter to President

Gustavo Petro was part of the April 19 Movement (M19), an urban guerrilla group involved in Colombia’s 1974–1990 civil war. Later the Democratic Alliance M19 was established. He was also elected to the House of Representatives in 1991. He was the former mayor of Bogotá. In the third round of the presidential election, he was elected as the first left-wing president in history. Graduated with Bachelors and Masters in Economics. He has a doctorate in business administration.

“Poverty Eradication as the First Goal”

Gustavo Petro, who took over as the president of Colombia, said that the first goal of his government is to free the people from hunger. Nearly half of Colombia’s more than 50 million people live in poverty. He also said that there will be action for more investment in the rural sector.
New Finance Minister Jose Antonio Ocampo will propose economic measures on Monday. José Antonio Ocampo is an economist who was a professor at Columbia University.
Action will be taken to dissuade farmers from growing coca leaves for the drug market and divert them to other sectors. Petro has also put forward projects such as making university education free, introducing health care systems and implementing welfare activities including pension. Although the oil industry accounts for nearly 50 percent of the country’s exports, Petro has announced that it will prevent illegal mining and ensure environmental protection.

5 women in the cabinet

Colombian President Gustavo Petro fulfilled his election declaration of a cabinet that prioritized equality and women. Five of the eight appointed ministers are women. Vice President Francia Marquez is in charge of Women’s Equality. Writer and actress Patricia Ariza (Culture), Psychiatrist Carolina Croce (Health), Environmentalist Susanna Mohamed (Environment), Economist and Minister of Environment and Agriculture in previous Cabinets Cecilia Lopez (Agriculture), Columbia University professor and economist Jose Antonio Ocampo (Finance). ), lawyer Alvaro Levia Duran (Foreign Affairs) and engineer and economist and former Minister of Health and Social Security Alejandro Gaviria (Education) are the ministers.

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