Guy Lerer reveals: This is the journalist who extorted money from an innocent citizen

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Lerer wrote on social media that: “I do not think we have ever conducted an investigation into other journalists and their methods of operation, but there are such cases of hair-raising that there is no other way. The people of ‘Israel Today’ are highly advised to watch the pipeline in the coming days.”

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Today, Lerer posted on his Twitter page more surprising details from the affair that is about to be revealed tonight, “Exposing the pipeline: This is the suspected journalist Daniel Sirioti who tried to extort tens of thousands of shekels from an innocent citizen after fabricating a story about a sexual assault and police investigation against him.” Head of desk in Israel today and winner of the Social Justice Shield.

Lehrer posted a picture of Siriuti receiving the Shield of Social Justice together with Sarah Netanyahu present in the picture. The choice of the photo in her presence provoked angry reactions, including from Yair Netanyahu. Lehrer tweeted an explanation and wrote, “For anyone who was upset by the picture of the journalist extorting from Israel today with Mrs. Netanyahu, in my defense: it is only natural to choose a picture where he receives the Social Justice Shield, hope you understand. One with bismuth

Lerer further elaborated on the case made headlines recently after he was attacked and beaten “because of his journalistic work.” “Tonight, Amir Shuan will reveal, among other things, that Sirioti was questioned by the police but continued to work for the newspaper even after and even covered the police.”

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