Guy Peleg and Almog Cohen got into a head-on confrontation: “Calm down, brat”

Guy Peleg and Almog Cohen got into a head-on confrontation: “Calm down, brat”

Member of Knesset Almog Cohen (Otzma Yehudit) spoke this morning (Thursday) with Guy Peleg and Nissim Meshal on their program on 103FM, and expressed support for the air force attack tonight in the Gaza Strip. “I woke up tonight to the really excellent response of the Air Force, they shook the sky, my house. I live in Ofakim, near the Gaza Strip. I am satisfied,” he noted.

“To prevent benefits from terrorists”: Ben Gvir ordered to close bakeries in Rimon and Katzeot prisons

However, he expressed his displeasure with another part of the matter: “More is still needed. The weakness of the State of Israel is not something that started and happened now. In that it cannot evacuate a 15-bin outpost, in my eyes I see it as a weakness.”

“The issue of pita bread is much more than how they bake, who bakes and how much,” he pointed out and added: “It is much more related to a group of murderers, and they have autonomy in the prisons. It is a fact that they also reacted to it in a very extreme way.”

During the interview, a debate developed between the presenter Guy Peleg and the Knesset member, after Cohen did not like the questions he was asked, and scolded him in connection with the demolition of the houses in East Jerusalem: “You approve this for us, our advisor for the fight against terrorism?”.

faction: “A clean thing, do a favor”
Cohen: “You’re having a tantrum”
faction: “Calm down cheeky”
Cohen: “Did you bring me up to hear yourself? So you can continue talking.”
Cough: “You are not educating now”

He referred to the policy change led by Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir: “We dropped the visits to the prisoners, we started taking televisions out of the wings, they no longer watch and will not watch the World Cup again. To come and say that there is no sense of lawlessness in the prison is, in my eyes, to be very disconnected from what is happening there. Televisions , red meat, a canteen, telephones, hafelats, this is called lawlessness in my eyes.”

On the issue of evacuating Khan Al Ahmar, he said: “We are looking to bring justice and equality before the law, just as there are outposts that have been evacuated, just as there is Gush Katif, 10,000 families, people have been brought out of their graves, this is what should be right now, this is what I claim. Allow one law for the Jews and one law for the Arabs.”

When asked about the actions that Otzma Yehudit will take, if Khan al-Ahmar is not evicted, he replied: “There is a wide range of measures, but it is not relevant. There is no point in discussing them on the Gedi Hather, because if I wanted to say them, I would write them down. The connection between rapisot Instead of X for terrorism they get instead of Y, laxity in the decisions of the government we are currently in.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Shani Romano, 103FM.


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