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Hackers caused massive chaos in Iran on Friday: all train traffic was paralyzed!

The cyber attackers also manipulated electronic billboards at train stations across the country. There were indications such as “long delay due to cyber attack” or “train canceled”, reported the “Times of Israel”.

Explosive: The hackers also faded in the telephone number of the “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s political and religious head and commander in chief of the armed forces – with the advice that they should call for further information.

The Iranian news agency “Fars” reported that the hacker attack had led to “unpredictable chaos” at the train stations. So far, no group has committed to the attack, according to the “Times of Israel”.

Prior to that, Fars reported that trains’ electronic tracking systems had failed across the country. It was not immediately clear whether this failure was also due to the cyber attack. However, a spokesman for the train company later confirmed that the disruption had not had a negative impact on train traffic.

This is not the first time that a cyber attack has taken place in Iran. In 2019, a bug in the train company’s computer system caused numerous delays.

In December of the same year, Iran’s Telecommunications Ministry announced that the country had managed to fend off a massive cyber attack on an “electronic device”, but did not provide any further information about the nature of the attack.



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