Hackers stole celebrity data from Graff jewelry base and demanded a ransom

Russian hackers threaten to reveal the personal details of actors and politicians if they do not receive a multimillion-dollar ransom, according to the Daily Mail. At the disposal of cybercriminals were the data of David Beckham, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities.

The Russian group Conti is behind the theft of data from the jewelry firm Graff, the article says. Former British military intelligence colonel Philip Ingram claims that trying to get the ransom will give hackers “a lot of headaches.”

Cyber ​​experts believe that ransomware will demand payment either in cyber currency that cannot be traced, or in gems.

In the list of British Graff clients, whose data can be disclosed, about 600 people, hackers also stole the data of world stars: actors Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson and Alec Baldwin.

Almost 70,000 official documents have already been leaked to the network, but this is only 1% of the information, according to hackers. Thus, two addresses of Oprah Winfrey and seven addresses of Donald and Melania Trump were published.

A Graff Diamonds spokesman confirmed the information about the breach of the jewelry house’s security systems. “Unfortunately, we, like a number of other companies, have recently become the target of a sophisticated, albeit limited, cyberattack by professional and determined criminals,” he said.



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