Hagler, video match with Mugabi and voice of Rino Tommasi


Marvin Hagler, who died at the age of 66, was the protagonist of many epic battles in the ring during his long career, during which he defended the world middleweight title from 1980 to 1987. These were the golden years of boxing and fights of ‘Marvelous’ were also very popular in Italy.

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Among the famous encounters of those years we still remember today the challenge for the title won by Hagler against Ugandan John Mugabi in 1986 in Las Vegas, a match that went down in history here also for the thrilling commentary of Rino Tommasi. “I have never seen a match of this violence in the last 20 years”, Tommasi let go during the sixth round, the highlight of the match. “One of the best shots I’ve ever been given to watch,” he added to the sound of the ‘gong’ that split the two boxers.


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