“I’m tired of this. We need to act,” said President Joe Biden. “When are we going to do something? I’m tired of comforting words,” cried basketball coach Steve Kerr. Calls to act now to carry out a comprehensive reform of U.S. gun laws have been heard loudly after the murders of 19 children and two teachers at a school in the city of Yuvaldi, Texas, but the chances of the shocking massacre will change somewhat.

There are quite a few similarities between the massacre in Texas and the killing spree at Sandy Hawk Elementary School in Connecticut a decade ago – the deadliest mass shooting incident at a U.S. educational institution ever in which 20 children and six adults were killed. There was the mother, this time the grandmother – and even then he did not refrain from harming innocent children, still in the first decade of their lives.

After the Sandy Hawk assassination, then-President Barack Obama stood up to the nation and did not hide his tears when he called for “significant action to prevent more such tragedies.” He appointed his deputy Joe Biden to head a task force to combat gun violence.

On Tuesday night, Biden, now the president, appeared before the nation and called for practical action, after nothing has changed in the last ten years, even after the blood of hundreds of Americans has been shed in vain.

The reality will remain the same until the Republicans, who meanwhile only offer to arm the teachers and put more security guards in the schools, change their minds about universal background checks on arms buyers and imposing further restrictions on the Second Amendment, which is sacred to them even though more than 230 years have passed. In the same reality. But when the National Rifle Organization continues to oil their pockets on the way to the spacious bureau, they will not do so.

Had we heard this coming Friday that the Rifle Association is holding its annual conference in Houston, Texas, former President Donald Trump, Governor Greg Abbott or Senator Ted Cruz are taking advantage of their speeches to reach out to Democrats and agree on significant reform, and even declare they are dead. On the bloody money of the arms lobby, it was an earthquake on a historic scale that could certainly lead to a revolution. But those are dreams in aspemia, especially as polls point to a Republican coup on Capitol Hill this coming November.

Meanwhile, the US, which has managed to form a united Western front against Russian President Vladimir Putin, which has invaded Ukraine with armored troops and continues to slaughter helpless children, women and the elderly, is unable to unite with an 18-year-old with a troubled past buying two assault rifles And invaded an elementary school to murder innocent children.

As long as it does not unite and turn the horrific Yuvaldi massacre into a real turning point, more lunatics, frustrated and terrorists will take advantage of the unbearable ease with which weapons can be bought in the US to extend the list of victims of the Second Amendment.

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