Haiti in chaos after Moise’s murder. Requested the sending of US soldiers

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The Haitian government has sent a letter to the Biden administration requesting the “urgent” dispatch of troops to ensure security in ports and airports after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. The letter was delivered by the ambassador to the United States, Bocchit Edmond. A letter with a similar request to send troops was sent to the UN office in Haiti, as confirmed by the deputy spokesman for the secretary general. “Sending any kind of force is a decision that belongs to the Security Council,” Haq told the Miami Herald who obtained a copy of the letter, dated July 7, indicating the priority areas – ports, airports. , oil terminals, election buildings – which should be guaranteed the protection of international troops. The task would be to support “the urgent needs of the Haitian government in matters of security”.


“I’m alive, but I lost my husband, Jovenel Moise was murdered without being able to say a word.” These are the first statements of Martine Moise, who was injured in the assault in which her husband, the president of Haiti, was killed last Wednesday. “The mercenaries have assassinated the president, other mercenaries want to kill his dream and his vision of the country,” Moise added in an audio message posted on social media in which she accuses her husband’s political opponents of being the mandates of the mercenaries who they murdered. “The mercenaries were tasked with assassinating the president and his family for his projects for streets, clean water, referendums and elections,” said the president’s wife who was transferred to a Miami hospital immediately after the attack. .

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