Hajj: Ministry of Health provided treatment to lakhs of pilgrims Hajj 2022: Ministry of Health provided treatment to lakhs of pilgrims

Buraida: Sources from the Saudi Ministry of Health revealed that during this year’s Hajj, around one lakh pilgrims were treated. The Ministry has provided emergency services to 97,262 pilgrims till Sunday in various hospitals and medical centers in Makkah, Mina Arafa and Muzdalifah.

23 hospitals and 147 health centers were set up at various places in the holy land. 4,654 beds and 1,080 ICU system were arranged. The ministry has deputed 25,000 personnel, including health professionals, for this year’s pilgrim services. As part of the government plan to provide special care for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims arriving in the country, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has also been paying close attention to the Hajis.

The ministry led the health activities in the holy places based in the center of Makkah. The ministry has devised a health plan for pilgrims that prioritizes diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures. This time the ministry also introduced a system to communicate with the deaf and dumb pilgrims who were affected by the disease.


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