Half naked .. to sound the horns .. “Agori Baba” who married the disciple .. excitement in Trichy! | An Aghori married his Female Sishya in Trichy today

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Published: Sunday, November 21, 2021, 20:37 [IST]

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Chennai: The incident where a famous Agori preacher from Trichy married his disciple yesterday has caused a great stir.

Agori Baba Manikandan is from Trichy. He went to Kasi in his youth and stayed there for some time as a preacher with the preachers.

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The one who stayed with the Agoris in Kashi took hold of their way of life and became a devotee of Shiva and practiced Agori with them.



Manikandan, who became an Agori a few years ago after staying in Kashi, later returned to Tamil Nadu along with some other Agoris. He had been staying in various districts of Tamil Nadu and was moving to Trichy where he was giving blessings to the people near his hometown Ariyamangalam. He often prays in the crematorium at night.



He accepted many who came to meet him as disciples and kept them in the church and gave special training to many. Recently his disciple died in an accident. The funeral of Agori Manikandan in Trichy for the body of the victim was largely viral.




He was trained by a female student named Priyanka from Kolkata. Priyanka has been training with Manikandan for the last few years. Agori Samiyar Manikandan, who fell in love with Priyanka, married Priyanka at the temple today. He got married to recite mantras according to Hindu rites.

Other Agori

Other Agori

Other Agori who were near him conducted the conch-blowing marriage. Agori Manikandan appeared half-naked, covered with a full body veil. Priyanka’s face was covered with a blanket. This marriage has caused a great stir in Trichy.

English summary

An Man who turned Aghori married his Female Sishya in Trichy today.

Story first published: Sunday, November 21, 2021, 20:37 [IST]

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