Hållbaren in Karlshamn breathes new life into old items.

Hållbaren in Karlshamn breathes new life into old items.

A recycling shop named “Hållbaren” has been opened by the labor market unit of Karlshamn municipality in partnership with Västblekinge Miljö AB, VMAB. The shop encourages municipal residents to donate their recyclable items at the Tubbaryd recycling center in Karlshamn, where they are sorted and reused through various employment activities such as job training, internships, and short-term employment. The items are refurbished and transformed into something new, such as turning a broken bicycle into a functional item. The store sells these recycled items, and the project aims to inspire an environmental mindset among people. It is a great initiative, and the team is enthusiastic about giving old things a modern life.

It is the labor market unit in the municipality of Karlshamn that on Monday opens a recycling shop called “Hållbaren”. It is a collaboration between Arbetscentrum and Västblekinge Miljö AB, VMAB.

At Tubbaryd’s recycling center in Karlshamn, a container has been placed where municipal residents can donate their items for recycling.

– We can make something new out of the stuff that is good. We had a watch that was going to be thrown away when someone figured out that you could make a cabinet out of it, says Timmy Svensson, who works as a job trainer at Arbetscentrum.

Important with an environmental mindset

The stuff that comes in is thus reused in various ways through employment activities, such as job training, internships and short-term employment at the Job Center in Karlshamn. It can be about windows that are scraped and painted or a broken bicycle that is converted into something else.

The idea is then that the items will be sold in the store.

– It feels great and important that we have an environmental mindset. It’s also great fun to see how old things get a modern life, says Ellionore Kimberg, supervisor at Arbetscetrum.

Follow us into the new store in the clip above.


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