Hallescher FC: surprise in the box? Clerk before jumping into the goal – football

It is the last and probably most exciting decision that the HFC coaching team has to make before the start of the season: Who will face Meppen in Halles Kasten on Saturday (2 p.m.)?

According to BILD information is Tim Schreiber (19) Favorite on the goalkeeper post at HFC! The loan from RB Leipzig would displace Sven Müller (25), who was a regular goalkeeper last season.


Foto: Getty Images

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Sven Müller will probably take a seat on the bench for the time beingFoto: Getty Images

The personnel would be surprising because Müller once again convinced at the dress rehearsal against Kiel (2: 2).

The fact that the pendulum is now swinging towards Schreiber is not only due to his quick reactions. What has become apparent in the last few weeks: Schreiber leads his front-runners confidently and is not too good to shake his teammates awake.

The secret will be finally revealed on the score sheet before kick-off. The buddies fought a close race on the line for several weeks. Coach Florian Schnorrenberg (44) emphasized again and again that both were on an equal footing.

Because that is the case, it cannot be ruled out that Müller will also get his probation opportunities in the league. But at the beginning the younger one seems to have the better cards …



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