Hammamet, Favino: “I entered the role on tiptoe”

The actor plays Bettino Craxi in the film dedicated to the life of the former leader of the Socialist Party | Ansa – CorriereTv

In this “Hammamet” by Gianni Amelio the real giant is Pierfrancesco Favino, perfect in the role of Bettino Craxi. His interpretation is so great that it dangerously overshadows everything else (including the surrounding characters). To shoot Favino underwent five-hour make-up sessions a day: «When you know you have to play a character, you want to be as similar as possible. We got closer and closer to Craxi’s image, then leaving room for what lies behind the appearance ». And again the actor: «I entered on tiptoe, knowing that I entered the memory of many. I also dealt with my memory, in order to clear the field of appearances and understand the character in depth “


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