Han Yang x Tan Jiaquan “Man Han Quan Xi Music Feast Concert” sings and dances to pay tribute to the seniors and is supported by stars- METRODAILY

Han Yang x Tan Jiaquan “Man Han Quan Xi Music Feast Concert” sings and dances to pay tribute to the seniors and is supported by stars- METRODAILY

2023-05-29 07:44:00

Han Yang and Amy Tam (Amy) recently held the “Man Han Quan Xi Music Feast Concert” at the Concert Hall of the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center. Many friends in the circle attended and supported them, including Xue Jiayan, B2 members Guo Keying, Zhang Chongde, Liu Meijuan, Shi Qilian, Su Shan, Huang Yi, Jiang Jiaying, Tang Weiqi, Chen Rongjun, Wu Xianglun, Shen Kexin, Ou Xinxi, Ao Jianian, Fan Zhenfeng, Li Sixin, Peng Haofeng and his wife, Fang Junwen, Kellyjackie, Zhen Caixi, Liang Kaiting from “The Voice of Middle Age”, Ding Wenjun and young The beautiful metaphysician Tang Bixia and others. KK Peng Jingguang, an artist friend who has returned to Hong Kong, is in charge of the overall planning of the concert; Hanyang’s sister even came to the stage to present flowers.

As for the special guests of the concert, this time it was quite unusual. Hanyang invited the band All for one, and Amy invited the internet celebrity Ao Kening (Smiley). In addition to the chorus “If… Sunshine” and “First Love”, Smiley also sang her own ‘s new song. Amy mentioned that she saw a lot of Smiley’s self-playing and singing works on the Internet. Although Smiley suffered from a rare immune system disease since childhood, she never gave up chasing her music dream. Amy was very moved, so she must support Smiley, also I hope everyone will also support Smiley.

In addition, Amy’s bra-shaking incident in the dance group B2 appeared on the stage again! It turned out that during the concert, one of her bras broke, so she had to bend forward to sing. After four songs in a row, there was no time to change it. Finally, she used the most primitive method, covering her chest with tape! Amy also said that two days ago, her immune system had problems. Fortunately, the make-up artist took special measures to cover up her face and face the audience.

As for Hanyang, he lost his voice after being infected with COVID, so this is the most tense concert in his concert career. During this period, thanks to his good brother Zhang Chongde and music director Vincie, he took the time and effort to teach him to learn luck and vocalization again. Not in the best shape, but after a few months of hard work, it finally lived up to expectations.

When the two appeared on the stage, they danced and sang a 10-minute medley to pay tribute to Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung. Hanyang even sang Master Luo Wen’s golden song “Family Love” to pay tribute to them; Congratulations, so I practiced the English version and mixed the Mandarin and English versions. Unfortunately, there was a sudden problem with the word prompter on stage, and I was not proficient in the mixed version, so it seemed that I suddenly forgot the lyrics, so I could only perform the proficient Mandarin version afterwards.

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