Hand goal? You change: that’s when it is valid


New rule for the football: the touch of hand
accidental which leads to Mark a goal it will no longer be considered failure and the network will then be validated. This change will take effect since July, as clarified by the Annual General Assembly of the International Football Association Board (Ifab), which was held today by videoconference, regarding the rules on hand ball since the interpretation has not always been consistent. “The accidental hand touch that leads to scoring a goal or having an opportunity to score it will no longer be considered a foul.”

The meeting which was chaired by the president of the Welsh Football Association, Kieran O’Connor, was attended by representatives of FIFA, led by president Gianni Infantino, as well as the FA, the Irish FA, the Scottish FA and the Ifab, as the technical director David Elleray and the head of the FIFA referees committee Pierluigi Collina.

The new rule states that it is hand ball if the ball is intentionally hit, for example by moving your hand or arm towards the ball, but if the touch is accidental, the goal is valid; rule that does not apply if the touch was direct, that is done by the author of the network. The changes to the regulation will come into force from July, even if the Ifab makes it known that the thing is flexible and therefore the various alloys have the possibility of introducing them earlier.

In addition, the Ifab also gave the green light for additional replacement to those currently in force in the event of game clashes involving concussion in one or more players. As for the possibility of the five changes, introduced after the Covid-19 pandemic and in force for national teams until July 31, 2022, “it has been established that it remains under observation” and is likely to continue even after the established deadline and that there is also on the occasion of the World Cup at the end of 2022 in Qatar. In addition, members also received updates from FIFA on potential adaptations to the offside rule and the latest developments regarding video assistant referees (VAR) innovations that could allow smaller budget competitions to use Var technology.


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