Just a few days ago – on June 19 – he scored the decisive shot on goal for Barcelona against Kielce (32-32, 5-3 on penalties) in the Champions League final. Ludovic Fabregas was then the hero of Barça aficionados. The latter will soon no longer be able to witness the exploits of the French international, landed in Catalonia in 2018. The beautiful story between Fabregas and the Blaugrana is indeed soon over.

While the latest rumors reported a possible contract extension with the club, Fabregas finally decided to take up a new challenge. He will join the Hungarian club Veszprem… at the start of the 2023 school year. An anticipation which is not uncommon in the world of handball where the transfer announcement is more and more often announced a year in advance… We remember in particular that Vincent Gérard, the goalkeeper of the Blues, had confirmed in the spring of 2021, a year before the end of his contract, his departure from PSG handball for Saint-Raphaël.

Ludovic Fabregas, who will turn 26 on July 1, has signed up for three years (two years plus one optional) with the ambitious Hungarian club. The Barcelonans therefore have one more year to take advantage of the 2017 World Champion and reigning Olympic champion.

Hungary also seems to be a fashionable destination for French handball players. Also Olympic champion last summer, Hugo Descat has also signed up with the Veszprem club. Still for the start of the 2013 school year. This will be the second experience abroad for the left winger of Montpellier (29 years old) who had played two seasons under the colors of Dinamo Bucharest after his departure from Créteil, his training club, in 2017.

On the other hand, the two acolytes of the French team should not find another Olympic gold medalist in Veszprem. A member of the Hungarian club since 2018, Kentin Mahé should indeed pack his bags at the end of his contract next season. A few days ago, the international told the newspaper L’Équipe that he would not be opposed to returning to France to finally discover, at 32 (he will celebrate them on May 22, 2023), the French championship.

“Veszprem is not yet able to tell me if we continue or not, he explained. I have a few contacts in France. I have a real desire to come and play in France. Montpellier, I drew a line with the unexpected arrival of Skube. It’s like that. PSG? It could be the right moment in my career to turn the page on foreign countries, to come to France, to discover the League. French life also for my children. But there is nothing concrete. The message got through.

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