[Handball] The Red Boys retain their title at the end of the suspense!

[Handball] The Red Boys retain their title at the end of the suspense!

At the end of a completely crazy scenario, Differdange took the Cup for the second consecutive year. Long behind on the scoreboard, Roman Becvar and his teammates managed to find the necessary resources to finally win on penalties in front of Handball Esch (35-33).

Mission accomplished ! Since his arrival on the bench of the Red Boys (early January), Nikola Malesevic has proclaimed it loud and clear: winning the Cup was the main objective of the club (distanced in the league) this season. It’s done ! In a dantesque, elephantine, grandiose final (we could spend the night there) his proteges dominated the Eschois on penalties (35-33), thus retaining their title. But it was complicated. Too nervous at the start of the game, the Differdangeois saw HB Esch take the lead (4-6, 8th) before picking up the score through Guillaume Ballet (6-6, 13th). The defending champions even have the opportunity to take the lead for the first time in the match, but Handball Esch goalkeeper Hugo Costa Figueira decides otherwise (8-10, 18th). Galvanized by the parades of its goalkeeper, the band of Danijel Grgic, precise in its offensives, digs a first mini break (8-12, 20th). The Red Boys, guilty of too many inaccuracies, get annoyed… like this bad gesture by Roman Becvar on Sacha Pulli. Although the entry of Chris Auger into the cages in place of a Matej Mudrinjak not in the game, gives a new impetus to his people, it is indeed the current leader of the championship which controls the operations at the time of the break (13-16, 30th).

Much more enterprising on the return from the locker room, the Red Boys will see their efforts rewarded when Miroslav Rac equalizes (22-22, 51st). Then followed a breathless mano a mano which made the 1367 spectators present at La Coque overjoyed. With 45 seconds to go, the inevitable Martin Muller allows his team to take control (26-27, 59th). But on the next action, Miroslav Rac puts on the savior costume (27-27, 60th). On to the extensions! During these 10 minutes, Auger took over by multiplying the parades including an extremely important one in the very last moments against Luca Tomassini, alone on his right wing (31-31, 70th). Unable to decide between themselves, the two teams headed straight for a penalty shootout. With a monster coolness, this same Auger stops the attempts of Enes Agovic and Muller. As a good captain Becvar finishes the job (35-33, 60th). Neither one nor two, the Czech takes off his shirt and sprint towards its supporters to celebrate this second consecutive title.


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