‘Handwriting Influenced by Sisters and Professors’; The doctor in the viral prescription says – Doctor

Doctors’ handwriting is often complained about. Most of the opinion is that what they write cannot be read for any reason. Meanwhile, a doctor’s prescription went viral on social media the other day. Medications are clearly written in fine print. This was the prescription of Dr. Nithin Narayanan, pediatrician at Nenmara Community Center.

‘Sister’s handwriting is very good. The doctor says that he learned to write well by watching this and the influence of two professors during his studies is also behind this. English letters are usually written in capitals while prescribing medicine. When that happens, pharmacists and patients can read everything. It cannot be said that all doctors write in an unintelligible way. There has also been a generational change. I don’t know how this spread on social media. Dr. said that someone shared this without my knowledge. Nitin says.

Content Summary: A doctor’s viral prescription


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