Hapoel defeated Maccabi in the veteran derby of Petah Tikva

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Three years have passed since the late Yossi Rosenzweig, former legendary player and manager of Hapoel Petah Tikva, passed away, and tonight (Monday) a special football tournament was held in his memory. At the center of the tournament, which was held on the synthetic field near the Moshava Stadium, a showcase derby took place between the former players of Hapoel and Maccabi Petah Tikva.

Hapoel Petah Tikva played among others Eli Mahfoud, Yossi Shibhon, Omer Boxenbaum, Omri Canada, Rafi Cohen, Shai Hess, Michael Zandberg and Guy Shamir. In Maccabi on the other hand, past players such as Omer Golan, Sharon Tzufin, Solly Tzemach, Guy Yitzhak and Rubil Sarsour appeared, among others. In addition, past executives, coaches, fans and family members also arrived.

Petah Tikva veteran derby in memory of Yossi Rosenzweig

The game, which was divided into three thirds, opened with an early goal by Shlomi Edri, who set 0: 1 for Hapoel Petah Tikva. In the 17th minute, Yossi Shibhon with a beautiful move signed a fatal outburst with a cook for Shlomi Edri, who completed a double and doubled the result. Only one minute after the 0: 2, Yossi Ofir closely pushed the shrinking goal of Maccabi, after taking advantage of the omission of goalkeeper Rafi Cohen. In the 46th minute, Yossi Shibhon squeezed a penalty and scored himself from the penalty spot on the way to 1: 3. Udi Kabudi sealed the result of the game when he shrank to 3: 2 after a great operation by Danny Farda.

Asi Mashiach (Hagai Michaeli)
Hapoel Petah Tikva players celebrate (Hagai Michaeli)Hapoel Petah Tikva players celebrate (Hagai Michaeli)
Yossi Shibhon (Hagai Michaeli)Yossi Shibhon (Hagai Michaeli)
Yossi Ofir (Hagai Michaeli)Yossi Ofir (Hagai Michaeli)

Guy Rosenzweig, The son of the late Yossi, said: “This is the least I can give my father about the beautiful years he did at Hapoel Petah Tikva. I am happy that the former players of Hapoel and Maccabi Petah Tikva came to honor the event, when we played a children’s game for and a game of the veterans for the past. Benny Michael takes part in the children’s games and it’s a beautiful event. My father was very involved in the club and there is nothing more beautiful than this event, where we return to the good old days of the club with the big derby days. “

Guy Rosenzweig (Hagai Michaeli)Guy Rosenzweig (Hagai Michaeli)
Gal Cohen (Hagai Michaeli)Gal Cohen (Hagai Michaeli)
Avi Yechiel (Hagai Michaeli)Avi Yechiel (Hagai Michaeli)

Hapoel Petah Tikva CEO and former brake, Avi Yechiel, Got on the grass to participate in the veterans’ game and said: “The late Yossi was a dear man, I was privileged to be with him for a short time when I was at Hapoel Petah Tikva in 1997/98, always helped, smiled and helped the players, so it is an honor and fun to be with family here . We are in a good family relationship and will find ways over the years how to strengthen the bond and perpetuate the memory and memory of other players. We are here to preserve the values ​​of the past, to ensure that there is good in the present and of course to think about the future. “

Omar Golan, Who participated in the veterans’ derby, said: “Yossi was a man of action but a figure worthy of appreciation. We rallied and came because a man like him deserves such an event. With all the rivalry and sports hatred, it’s fun to meet everyone again. It makes for special excitement, I said I would come play football as always but from this morning I had butterflies. It took us back a few years. ”

Omer Golan (Hagai Michaeli)Omer Golan (Hagai Michaeli)
Hapoel Petah Tikva players (Hagai Michaeli)Hapoel Petah Tikva players (Hagai Michaeli)
Michael Zandberg (Hagai Michaeli)Michael Zandberg (Hagai Michaeli)
Manor Hassan (Hagai Michaeli)Manor Hassan (Hagai Michaeli)

“A very respectable event,” he said Abram Grant. Yossi Rosenzweig was a manager for many years, he was one of those who accepted me when I started coaching, even then he was a football coach in the youth department, very very dedicated, a very positive person, always with a smile on his face, then he was the team manager in the good years when I was Name. “Definitely a respectable event and really fun to see all the campers, and those who were not campers, come and join, more than 30 past players came here, the atmosphere on the kippak, it’s a big club, I hope it will return to the big days.”

Rafi Cohen and Abram Grant (Hagai Michaeli)Rafi Cohen and Abram Grant (Hagai Michaeli)

A little about the team, will there be a new foreign coach?
“I did not come to talk about the team. I came to talk about the event. It is very exciting for me from here. I grew up from Hapoel Petah Tikva.

Did you send congratulations to Scout?
“for sure. I gave it to her a few times, we have met several times since, we even ate a Friday meal together. “I have been a Scout for 22 years, a wonderful woman, a lovely girl, I have full appreciation and love for her, as long as she does something that makes her happy, I am happy too.”


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