Happy and vital to defy the seventies with the right self-care

Happy and vital to defy the seventies with the right self-care

When you have passed the age of seventy, you will naturally have to deal with age-related ailments. You may notice that your sight or hearing is deteriorating or you are experiencing some forgetfulness. Fortunately, getting older also has a lot of advantages. You often have more time, you may experience more peace and satisfaction, and you have a lot of life experience. Happy and vital to defy the seventy with the right self-care? That’s how you do that!

How can you make life as comfortable as possible despite the obstacles that come with age? Good self-care is crucial here. Take a good look at what you need for a relaxed and happy life. In this blog article you can read a number of questions that you can ask yourself.

How can you stay physically fit?

A very important part of good self-care is a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. Daily exercise is essential especially at an older age to keep feeling fit. Try to walk or cycle in nature for at least half an hour every day, possibly with an electric bicycle. Nature also has a positive and soothing influence on your mood.

What tools are needed?

With aids at home, it is better to start too early than too late, so that falls can be prevented. Place non-slip mats in the bathroom to reduce the risk of slipping. Handles may also be a good aid for some extra support when getting in and out of the shower, and when visiting the toilet. Even if you are still able to climb stairs, it is wise to look into fall prevention measures. Make sure that the stairs are well lit and that you have sufficient grip and grip when climbing the stairs, for example with the help of an extra sturdy handrail. Do you have difficulty climbing stairs because of physical complaints? Then it is interesting to have one stairlift consider using the stairs safely and independently. To be able to afford a stairlift you can use one stairlift fee through the municipality.

How is your mental state?

A positive attitude to life contributes to a good mood. Maybe you are happy and grateful for a stable and fun life, you feel fit and you have fun activities. However, it can sometimes be difficult to stay positive when difficult life events arise. For example, elderly people lose loved ones more often, physical functions suddenly deteriorate, or you can suffer from loneliness or gloom.

Self-care also includes getting help in time. Talk and share your concerns with someone you trust, even if you have psychological complaints, and if in doubt, visit your doctor. The doctor can then investigate the problems and possibly refer you to a specialist.

In short: with good self-care and taking your own care needs seriously, you can cheerfully defy the seventies!

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