“Happy birthday to me,” rapper J Lord celebrates himself with a single to be released by Warner Music

twelve o’clock, April 9, 2021 – 3:14 pm

A bilingual and bittersweet ballad for the Neapolitan musician of Ghanaian origins, very popular with young people

of Giuliano Delli Paoli

“Every cake, every birthday I’ve ever expressed my wish. Best wishes to me, it was always the same life. […] Happy birthday to me, God did not believe it, the way is right it is no longer the wrong one! ». Stanzas in Neapolitan dialect and refrain in Italian in the new single by J Lord, “Tanti auguri a me”, released today by the American giant Warner Music. A bilingual and bittersweet ballad for the Neapolitan rapper of Ghanaian origins, in the name of an unexpected melancholy after the fierce verses of the first two singles from millions of streaming, “Sixteen” and “Gangster”: “Before – says the musician – l atmosphere on my birthdays was always very sad. Now, however, something in my life has changed. I finally started smiling. Best wishes to me is above all a way to celebrate my redemption ». Seventeen years old, J Lord – born Lord Johnson – is among the most talented young rappers in the city and was discovered last year by the Neapolitan Wonder, a management & booking agency active all over the world.


Born in Italy of Ghanaian parents, Lord grew up in a Casoria family, to which his mother entrusted him when he was only a few months old, because she was forced to return to Ghana for pneumonia that in Italy as an illegal immigrant she could not cure. His is a passion for saving music, matured at a very young age doing a lot of freestyle: «As a child – reveals the artist – I loved rapping on the music my mother listened to. I love rap in all its forms but my reference musician has always been Pino Daniele. It is thanks to his songs that I approached music. They will always have a special place in my heart. ” And he continues: «Fans often ask me about the genesis of my songs. But in reality there is no pre-established process. I write and compose at any time of the day, especially when I’m alone in my room, wrapped in my thoughts, my fears and my hopes ». Happy Birthday to me »is produced by Dat Boi Dee, stage name of Davide Totaro, multi-instrumentalist and Neapolitan multi-platinum producer known for his collaborations with Emis Killa, Geoliere Livio Cori. The song also marks a decisive step of the young phenomenon towards a new personal and artistic awareness, in view of the expected debut album, and also follows the recent collaborations of J Lord with Massimo Pericolo, Crookers, and above all the very launched Mace in the song «Uncouth» contained in «Obe», one of the most listened and talked about albums of 2021.

April 9, 2021 | 15:14

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