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Saarbrücken – Hard rules from now on at the Saar hairdresser: Unvaccinated people have to stay outside!

Until now, it was enough to wear a mask when visiting the hairdresser for the unvaccinated. Now even a negative test is no longer enough.

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The news apparently took the state guild and its members as a surprise. “We would have liked the ministry to have informed us in advance or sought a conversation,” said guild manager Mirko Karkowsky (38) on Friday morning.

However, many companies would no longer be able to cope economically with a renewed lockdown. Karkowsky: “We are not happy, but we will support the 2G requirement – albeit grudgingly.”

Of course, there have also been votes to switch to 2G in order to be able to implement the Corona requirements more easily.

The next few weeks with fewer customers will be tough. The managing director recalls the past lockdowns that would have brought many hairdressing salons to the brink of ruin. Karkowsky emphasized that hairdressers had always met the hygiene rules at a high level during the pandemic.

Benedict Neff Finally stop scapegoating the unvaccinated!

Benedict Neff: Stop scapegoating the unvaccinated!

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