Harden is out of his contract, Marie is moving to Atlanta

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James Harden (Reuters)

The hot day that goes on in the trade market in the NBA does not stop. After Washington star Bradley Bill chose to step down from his current contract and become a free agent, now Philadelphia star James Harden is taking a similar step, only he is reportedly set to re-sign with the team a more flexible contract that will allow it to grow stronger.

At the same time, another report coming out in the media in the United States tonight tells of another trade. The Atlanta Hawks sent veteran Italian forward Danilo Glinari and a number of first-round picks to San Antonio for All-Stars Spurs star Jonata Marie.

The moment after the draft, the trade window in the NBA is the next and intriguing goal, which gives the league teams the opportunity to arm themselves and prepare for the upcoming season. Harden and Bill’s decisions alongside Atlanta’s trade are likely to affect the future of the crowded and competitive East.

Jonette Marie (Reuters)Jonette Marie (Reuters)

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