Harry Styles insults the flag of Palestine: “Explode you idiots”

Harry Styles insults the flag of Palestine: “Explode you idiots”

Harry Styles (Wikipedia photo)

A rare incident occurred last night (Monday) at singer Harry Styles’ concert in Chicago, when a Palestine (PLO) flag was thrown at him as he appeared on stage and the star was surprisingly recorded throwing it disdainfully.

Of course, the post quickly filled up and exploded with reactions from both directions, with Israeli fans claiming one side and passionate pro-Palestinians claiming another, with each side trying to promote its own narrative and approach. While the Israelis were happy that he chose to throw the flag on the floor, on the other hand they tried to claim that this was Styles’ response to every flag that was thrown at him at concerts.

Among the Israeli responses were: “Explode you idiots”, “a reason to dance” and “catch and then throw”, “Harry will not do such a thing because his best friend is Jewish and many of his fans are Jewish and live in Israel”.

A pro-Palestinian commenter claimed: “To all those who say he dropped it, he looked at it, waved the flag and then dropped it. I was myself, thank you very much,” there were those who tried to explain that it was actually a neutral step: “If he really dropped it like That it seems, it’s only because he didn’t want to endanger himself and take part in a political debate.”

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