Has Cristiano Ronaldo been wronged? “It’s against the world”

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Lionel Messi’s seventh win last night (Monday) in the 2021 Golden Ball title provoked quite a few angry reactions, especially from fans of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Manchester United star did not attend the event at all, and was ranked in sixth place, with Robert Lewandowski, Giorgini, Karim Benzema and Angulo Canta ahead of him in addition to Messi. This is the first time Ronaldo has been left out of the top five in this ranking since 2010.

“Media agenda, ridiculous ranking – Lewandowski robbed,” Manchester United fans wrote on Twitter. “Raises questions about how Cristiano Ronaldo in general has won five times when it’s against the world.” Another Twitter account identified with Ronaldo noted his figures in 2021 (King of Serie A, the king of Euro gates, won two titles, climbed to the top of the scoring table in the history of international football) and mocked that he only finished in sixth place.

One who has not yet been pleased with the Flea’s win is Luther Mathews, who has previously won the prestigious title himself. “To tell the truth, I feel like I have no idea anymore,” Matthews said. “With all due respect to Messi, the title went to Lewandowski, who week after week proved how good he is in the Bayern Munich uniform. I can not understand why Messi won and neither did he.”

“It’s harder and harder for me to believe in this award,” Iker Casillas admitted. “For me, Messi is one of the top five players in history, but it’s time they knew how to rate who was the outstanding player of that season. It’s not that hard, damn it.”

“Messi and Ronaldo are very different from each other,” noted former player Rafael van der Wart. “The main difference is that Ronaldo always makes sure his team succeeds. He always fights and invests while Messi just goes. When I see that I think to myself ‘Is he not ashamed?'”

In addition, it was noted that throughout the history of the Golden Ball, Ronaldo has accumulated a total of 3,781 points while Messi has accumulated only 3,574.

Cristiano Ronaldo boycotted the ceremony after claiming that the editor-in-chief of France Football had spread false allegations against him. The organizers of the prestigious ceremony accused the star of “all he wants is to win more gold balls from Lionel Messi”. And he reacted to you and attacked sharply, when at yesterday’s ceremony as stated, he was not present. The one who expressed support for Ronaldo’s remarks on Instagram is Carles Puyol, the former Barcelona captain, who was Ronaldo’s bitter rival when he played for Real Madrid.

The one who still came out a little disappointed with the ceremony is Killian Ambape, who finished in ninth place. Despite this personal disappointment, the Frenchman said after the ceremony: “I am lucky to have had the opportunity to play with Messi on a daily basis. It is a huge honor that my name is marked in line with Messi’s name and with Cristiano Ronaldo.”

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