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Does the much-invoked “cancel culture” actually exist? Allegedly famous and successful people like Dieter Nuhr and Lisa Eckhart were canceled by woken links. But if “cancel” means: someone’s professional existence is threatened by media shitstorms and an institutional culture of suspicion, then this does not apply to this and similar cases. Because while majority Germans are usually given a second chance after missteps, the tolerance for mistakes often ends when it comes to Muslims. The case of Nemi El-Hassan is such an example.

Further examples: In 2020, a young Muslim law student was refused employment to provide administrative support to a public body. The reason: around a decade ago she was active on the board of a Muslim youth organization that was then – but no longer – mentioned in the report on the protection of the constitution. A young Muslim scientist was observed by the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution for several years. In 2011 he lost his job at the university and was banned from the house – similar to two subsequent jobs. The reason: his involvement in a working group of Muslim students that has since been disbanded. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution had observed the group once, the reasons for the observations remained vague.

A suspicion is often enough

Very few have noticed anything of these cases. But they happen. Meanwhile, an unspoken understanding has developed that Muslims can potentially be a threat. There is no doubt that Islamism and anti-Semitism are real problems among Muslims that cannot be swept under the carpet. And it cannot be denied that the left bubble in particular has a hard time identifying problems with minorities. To look closely and draw clear boundaries is the task of a society that wants to declare war on Islamism and anti-Semitism. However, the examples show how quickly a mere suspicion alone can mean the abrupt end of a professional career. That is actually cancel culture.

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In the case of TV journalist and doctor Nemi El-Hassan, one should also take a closer look. This is about more than just a suspicion, but about documented, serious activities. For example, she took part in the anti-Semitic Al-Quds demonstration in 2014. Until recently, she made no secret of her anti-Israel stance on social media. Pictures of her were circulating on the net, among other things, according to research by Time online the right-wing and anti-Muslim activist Irfan Peci made the photos of Nemi El-Hassan public in a live stream in August. This published the imageNewspaper on September 13, whereupon the AfD responded with a press release on the same day. Beatrix von Storch (AfD) calls El-Hassan a “staunch Islamist and Jew hater” and a “terrorist sympathizer”. For the discussion about El-Hassan, it is also part of the genesis to reflect. Are the initiators really interested in the fight against Islamism and anti-Semitism? Or is it just a pretext to stir up resentment against Muslims and portray the public broadcasters as “left-winged”?

Second chance not for everyone

The WDR has decided that El-Hassan will not start the knowledge broadcast as planned from November Quarks will moderate, at best an assignment as a writer far away from the camera would be an option. Marked with the anti-Semitic and Islamist mark of Cain, it is hard to imagine that El-Hassan’s reputation can ever be restored. Which broadcaster would you sign in the future, knowing full well that a shit storm and damage to your image are imminent? The ruling by the public field justice has no expiration date. After all, someone like Uli Hoeneß is allowed to become honorary president of FC Bayern after serving his sentence. Dieter Nuhr can still be seen in Das Erste. Second and third chances are apparently a privilege for old white men – and Lisa Eckhart.

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Nemi El-Hassan has shown remorse and distanced herself from her previous activities. As she herself asserts, she has separated from the radical Islamic milieu. You don’t have to find the more recent anti-Israel likes and posts from her good. As an objective commentator on the situation in the Middle East conflict, she would not be the right person. But your position on the Middle East conflict must not play a role in the moderation of a science program. There is apparently no room for this differentiation in the heated and polarizing debate. The force of the attacks on El-Hassan alone shows that there is an agenda behind it. The party strategists of the AfD have long since recognized that anti-Muslim resentment can be legitimized in society under the pretext of the fight against anti-Semitism. It is problematic if left-wing activists fall for it and now, together with the AfD and parts of the Springer press, cover El-Hassan with a shit storm. Anyone who claims to be intersectional and critical of power should at least question the intent and methods with which the entire career of a Muslim immigrant woman is examined. One could ask, for example, why minimum journalistic standards were not adhered to: that El-Hassan from the image– The newspaper was given only 75 minutes to respond to the allegations. That they are in image-TV was called an Islamist several times without any evidence. The fact that photos are constantly being used for the illustrations that show Nemi El-Hassan with a headscarf, although she has not been wearing it for a long time.

El-Hassan deserves criticism, but not character assassination and a de facto professional ban. A left position always takes the balance of power into account, which is why solidarity with El-Hassan does not mean approval of their substantive positions. But empathy shouldn’t be a foreign word for those who are not on the left either. From a power-critical perspective, Solidarity with El-Hassan opposes the denunciation of a migrant-Muslim woman by right-wing and conservative forces. Instead of using hashtags like #HaltDieFresseBild To be satisfied, it would be appropriate to describe such dynamics and to oppose them.

Saba-Nur Cheema is a political scientist, anti-racism trainer and senior expert at the Anne Frank educational institution. She co-signed the open letter to WDR in which Nemi El-Hassan is supported


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