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People hated war because of the devastation caused by the first two world wars. He wanted peace. It is a great pity that Russia has fought with Ukraine, which seceded from the Soviet Union. 100 days have passed. Who agrees to destroy a country unnecessarily?

Thousands of people are being unjustly bullied. The plight of those who fled their homeland as refugees is indescribable. The misery of the elderly, children and women can only be seen on the battlefield. Tragedy caused by the collapse of tall buildings.

Ukraine was the most convenient country for Indian students to study law and medicine. Their education was ruined by this war. The great struggle was to bring those students alive in the midst of the war. They are unable to continue their education and have to wait for the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The UN says the number of refugees worldwide has crossed 10 crore for the first time. The refugee organization said. This is the largest number ever. The number of refugees worldwide was 9 crore at the end of 2021. Russia – Ukraine 60 lakh people have left Russia since the beginning of the war. 80 lakh people have lost their homes internally and left.

10 crore refugees make up more than one percent of the world’s population. The UN says peace and stability are the key to ending this. The refugee organization said.

Russia has opposed the accession of NATO, a close ally of Ukraine, to NATO’s formation against the Soviet Union. However, the current Ukrainian government has expressed interest in joining NATO, and Russia invaded the country on February 24, 2022.

Russia has agreed to withdraw from northern Ukrainian cities after talks with Ukraine in Turkey, despite Russian forces advancing to capture cities including the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Accordingly, Russian forces withdrew completely from the Kiev Bok area last month.

The capital, which had since been devastated by the Tota attack, gradually returned to normalcy.

In this case, Ukraine announced that it had launched a missile attack and sunk the Russian naval vessel Moscow. Infuriated, Russia decided to intensify its offensive.

Russia says it has targeted weapons factories in the country, including missiles. The country said part of it was attacking logistics centers in Kiev. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners.

The UN says more than 3,752 civilians have been killed in the war. The Human Rights Commission said. The agency said 4,062 people had been injured, but the actual number of casualties may have been higher.

Russian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Azov’s troops, who support Hitler’s Nazi policies, will go to Ukraine to retake power from the Nazis. It is now over 100 days since the situation changed so much that it was decided that the war would end easily in a few days.

Ukraine’s main cities have collapsed and come under the control of the Russian military. Since the start of the Russian offensive, the Ukrainian people have sought refuge in neighboring countries in search of safety. Most people have gone to Poland.

In addition, Ukrainians have fled to Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia as refugees. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that there are 36 lakh migrants in Poland alone. The organization said. As a result, the country’s population has grown by 10 percent in the past three months.

A total of 68 lakh refugees have fled Ukraine as a result of Russia’s attacks. The population of Ukraine in 2021 was 4 crore 30 lakhs. At present it has come down to 3 crore 70 lakhs. This is the largest refugee problem in Europe since World War II.

About 80 lakh people have been displaced from war-torn areas in Ukraine. In Ukraine almost every second a child becomes a refugee. Russia is facing different problems. The world has imposed 5,831 sanctions on Russia since the attack.

Russia has announced the surrender of 959 Ukrainian soldiers who had been hiding in the Mariupol Iron Ore for two months. In the last 24 hours, 694 Ukrainian soldiers have reportedly surrendered from the Azov Stove in Mariupol, 29 of them wounded.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that 265 Ukrainian soldiers had already escaped from the barracks and that 51 of them had been wounded. At the beginning of the war, Russia sought to capture northern cities, including the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and withdrew from there, focusing on eastern and southern Ukraine.

In this situation their support has been a heavy attack for the past three months on the city of Mariupol, which was in the middle of establishing a land link between the Donbass controlled by the clergy and the Crimean peninsula which they had annexed in 2014.

With Russian forces occupying all parts of the city, more than a thousand Ukrainian troops lurked with civilians inside Europe’s largest Soviet-built airstrip built there.

UN Despite the council’s intervention, the Ukrainian army vowed to fight to the end without surrendering to Russia, although the civilians there were safely evacuated. However they have now surrendered with no other option. Thus the city of Mariapol came under Russian control.

Bo did not end as easily as the world had anticipated. No one could have anticipated that Ukraine would carry out such a counterattack. There is no doubt that there are NATO countries behind this.

No country, no matter what the reason, can accept a war that will wreak havoc. Who can compensate for the death of innocent people, the destruction of construction and the loss caused? How long? How many countries are being destroyed by these mentally ill people? Are the superpowers creating war for the arms trade?

Is it acceptable for Russia to claim that this is not a war on civilians but a move to eliminate the fascist tendency to exterminate the Russian-speaking ethnic group living in Ukraine? The United States has been pushing for Ukraine’s NATO alliance to build a military base around Russia for days. Russia is said to be invading with no other way to prevent it.

Can NATO break the military alliance without the cooperation of the nations of the world? Has Russia invaded the world without trying to build cooperation? Is the Russian invasion the first step in trying to turn the world against military alliances?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine thus raises a number of questions. A country that wants world peace does not want war. Why is the United Nations, which wants world peace, still having fun without ending the war?


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