He attacks his parents for 1000 euros and then breaks the furniture in the house, arrested a 29 year old – time.news

time.news. He attacks his parents for a thousand euros and shatters furniture and furnishings. The sum, according to the story told to the police, would have been used to buy drugs. But the young man was tracked down by the police and arrested for the crimes of family mistreatment and extortion.

It happened in the afternoon, at the height of yet another quarrel in an apartment in the center of time.news. D CL, 29, his initials, first threatened his mother and father, asking them for money with which to buy cocaine. Then, when his parents refused, he vented his anger by shattering everything that happened to him, furniture and furnishings, taking possession of the silverware kept in a piece of furniture in the living room, and then he left the house. At the steering wheels intervened on the spot, the boy’s father and mother reported that the son had attacked them to get a thousand euros.
The agents tracked him down in a very short time and, in consideration of the various interventions carried out by the police in that apartment in recent months and a report by the condominiums who live in the same building, they arrested him for crimes of mistreatment in the family and extortion.
The prosecutor on duty has subjected the young man to house arrest in a place other than the family home, pending the decisions of the Court.


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