| He battled the disease for two and a half years

|  He battled the disease for two and a half years

“You can’t surrender like that,” said Kodiyeri, who met the media for the first time after his illness two and a half years ago. Later, Kodiyeri became active in the field of action by expressing his belief that he would survive cancer. The first treatment was at the Henderson Cancer Center in Houston, USA. After returning, continued treatment at home and abroad.

“I don’t want to remember the disease. Kodiyeri has often said that he is to forget about party activities and forget about it. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s hallmark is gentle interaction and strict attitude. He always tried to follow that method. He followed that practice even in the prime of his illness. Kodiyeri will face any crisis with a smile. Ideology and practical politics will defend the party. It was only because of the accusations raised against the family members that at least some of the time there was a wobble. In April 2022, after a gap of one and a half years, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan again went to America for further cancer treatment. Kodiyeri did not hand over the responsibility of party secretary to anyone else as he did not stay away for a long time. The party center performed the duties of the secretary.

Even when Kodiyeri initially took leave for treatment, the party center was performing the duties of secretary. Later, when the ED case was filed against Bineesh Kodiyeri, Kodiyeri took leave and A. Handed over to Vijayaraghavan. The party stated that Kodiyeri had taken leave for treatment that day.


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