He drops his phone…and a drug trafficking ring

He drops his phone…and a drug trafficking ring

2023-09-21 18:07:39

Nine people have been on trial since Thursday by the Specialized Inter-Regional Jurisdiction (Jirs) of Nancy for drug trafficking, a case which began surprisingly with the discovery of a passer-by who came across the phone of one of the suspects.

The investigation began in an “unusual” way, underlined President Mireille Dupont. This traffic, active for some time, would not have fallen without the extraordinary find made by a passer-by on August 8, 2020: a switched on mobile phone, without an unlock code, lying in Rixheim, near Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) .

Reported to investigators, its content is beyond doubt: photos and videos of wads of cash as well as cannabis resin and herb confirm the existence of trafficking. In the process, an investigation is opened by the Mulhouse public prosecutor’s office to find its mysterious owner.

Quickly identified, he appears to be the order giver, at the head of a real business importing and reselling narcotics. Well aware of police techniques, he worked with a restricted circle of relatives, who helped him place orders and monthly deliveries of several hundred kilos of narcotics, coming from Morocco, Belgium, the Netherlands as well as than Luxembourg.

Three other people participating in the same trafficking have already been the subject of an appearance procedure on prior recognition of guilt, a sort of guilty plea in the French style, for which sentences ranging from one to two have been imposed. years of imprisonment.

The trial is scheduled to continue until Wednesday.

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