He escapes from quarantine by climbing out of the window with the sheets tied

A frame from the video released by the Australian police to the local press

A 39-year-old man allegedly used a rope made from sheets to descend from a fourth-floor hotel room and escape Australian quarantine, police said. To report it is the CNN.

The man arrived in Western Australia from Brisbane on Monday afternoon but failed to meet the exemption requirements needed to enter the state, which currently has strict border rules in place, according to a Western Australia Police Force statement.

The man was told to leave Western Australia within 48 hours and was sent to a quarantine hotel overnight. The man reportedly fled after midnight but was captured on Tuesday morning and charged with failing to comply with a directive and providing false information.
The man tested negative for Covid-19, police said.

The daring escape comes as Australia is struggling to contain a local outbreak of the Delta variant that began on June 16 with a limo driver from Bondi, Sydney, carrying international flight personnel. Now hundreds of cases are reported in New South Wales every week, with a handful of cases in neighboring states Victoria and South Australia.

More than half of Australia’s 26 million people are in solitary confinement in these three states and restrictions have been imposed elsewhere to stop the spread.


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