He escapes to a halt and collides with a police car, woman reported

He escapes to a halt and collides with a police car, woman reported – Pescara

PESCARA. Pursuit last night (Wednesday 3 March) in Pescara, on state road 16. A woman did not stop at the stop of the Piano d’Orta traffic police, but accelerated trying to escape control, then rammed a car of the police and finally refused to undergo tests to detect the state of alteration resulting from the intake of alcohol and drugs. She was then denounced for resisting a public official, driving without a license and without insurance, refusing to undergo alcohol and toxicological tests. It was also fined for violating the provisions relating to the prevention and containment of Covid-19.

It happened yesterday evening, Wednesday 3 March, on the SS16. The Piano d’Orta traffic police, engaged in institutional services, gave the halt to a Fiat Punto whose driver, in response, accelerated in an attempt to escape control. The patrols engaged in the checks set out in pursuit of the woman, 42-year-old TM, unemployed resident in the province of Pescara, who also rammed, slightly damaging it, one of the cars that followed her in an attempt to make her stop the march. Once stopped, the woman, with a history of driving without a license and violation of the law on drug use, appeared to the agents visibly altered by alcohol and drugs. When asked to undergo the ritual checks, she refused without providing a valid justification as to why she was in the car despite the anti Covid regulations. Therefore, it has been denied. The Fiat Punto was seized because it was not covered by insurance. The car was already undergoing a previous administrative seizure.


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