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The ÖVP is foaming. In interviews, Kogler described the events that led to Kurz’s resignation. “Deliberately twisted”, so the turquoise.

“It is important to clarify some things if they are not presented correctly, as was the case by Werner Kogler at the party congress of the Vienna Greens.” ÖVP General Secretary Axel Melchior does not speak well of the Greens boss and Vice Chancellor. He had stated that the Federal President had made preparations for an expert government during the government crisis and had therefore urged Kurz to resign.

Kogler also criticized the chats on the 1.2 billion for afternoon care (briefly to Thomas Schmid: “How can you stop that?”). Exactly this chat is “apparently deliberately twisted”, criticized Melchior on Sunday by broadcast. It was “only about the People’s Party’s no to the SPÖ idea of ​​a compulsory all-day school and more money for the federal states”.

Briefly is silent

He who ought to know is silent. After the short show at his inauguration, no public appearances by the ex-chancellor are known this week. The date for the meeting with Kurz announced by Kogler has not yet been set. The spokesman for the two confirmed this at the request of “today“.

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