He is the incarnation sent by God to save me, frankly Mallika

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Actress Mallika Sukumaran is a star who has filled the mini screen and the big screen. Mallika is a mother who has raised her two children well despite the separation of actor and husband Sukumaran. Following in the footsteps of his father and mother, Indrajith and Prithviraj have become an integral part of Malayalam cinema today. His daughter-in-law Poornima Indrajith is a well known fashion designer today. In the meanwhile, Purnima returned to the stage after a long time due to the virus. Supriya Menon is working on Prithviraj’s movie background .Now Mallika’s words about Sukumaran are going viral.

Mallika’s words- Mallika says that he himself came here and said he would give me a life.
I also supported it. It was only when I realized that life was not what I wanted it to be that I came to another relationship. It was Sukumaran Chettan who realized that I had to live and show. “I believe he is an incarnation of God sent to save me,” she said. Earlier many people said that you are 39 years old, you can not tie anything like a small child, I said I can not see anyone in that position anymore.

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