He is two minutes away from being the most talked about chef in Tel Aviv. This is his city

1. HOC

I visit House of Coffee almost every morning and remember Denmark. They bring coffee from coffee collective, a Danish roastery that I used to visit a lot, and very high quality products. Amir and Shiraz the owners also help us bfrom her with the coffee field and we have already become friends.
The Tabor 2

2. La Otra and the Imperial

Our home bars, which are near Meshia. After service, the restaurant manager and I like to go to Imperial La Otra and there’s even a chaser named after us, specially prepared for the guys from Meshia. I have a lot of respect for Bar, Gilad and Dror, super professional people who do things the right way.
Yarkon 66

Imperial. Photo: Ben Yoster

3. Shlomi’s borax

When you walk down the alley of the M25 restaurant towards the vineyard, you find a hole in the wall of a guy named Shlomi, who makes borax and Moroccan cookies. A crazy place that I love because of the authenticity and modesty. When we celebrated my daughter’s one-year birthday, I brought a hundred Borax from there.
23 Carmel Alley

Shlomi's Borax (photo by Guy Arish)

Shlomi’s Borax (photo by Guy Arish)

4. Sabih Tchernihovsky

The tastiest Sabih in town, in the cheese version of course. I’m already waiting for them to finish the renovation and open at the new address.
Allenby corner Tschernihovski

5. Pronto

A place that was my home for seven years, a restaurant that I grew up in and I love it very much. My place in the city.
Herzl 4

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