“He is very ill, he receives neither treatment nor vaccine” – Corriere.it

“He is not receiving adequate medications, has not been seen by a specialist and has not been given the vaccine, despite suffering from asthma.” Marise Zaki expresses all the anxiety for the health conditions of his brother Patrick, a few hours before the umpteenth hearing for the renewal of the pre-trial detention scheduled for today in Cairo.

Several times both you family members and activists have clamored for Patrick to be vaccinated. Were there any steps ahead?
“No. And it’s not just about asthma, which still remains severe and makes it even more vulnerable to coronavirus. Over the past four months, his back pain has worsened as he has not been given suitable therapy. He has also lost a lot of weight ».

Four days ago he received a visit from his mother and girlfriend in prison. What are his psychological conditions?
«Patrick suffers from anxiety and depression, depending on the situation. He has always been a very energetic and active person. He’s not used to sitting and doing nothing for days. ‘

He often regretted having to interrupt his studies on gender and literature of the Gemma Master of the University of Bologna. Can you get him some books?
«Yes, he misses Bologna very much, meeting his friends and being with us, his family, without restrictions. We send him many books, lately I have also made him have them in Italian so that he does not forget your language, the one he studied in and in which he hopes to return soon to practice live ».

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How is your father, is he doing better after visiting Patrick in late April?
“My father was in the hospital last month. He is very distressed for Patrick and this obviously aggravates his health condition. As a family we have ups and downs of course. We are disappointed and discouraged because Patrick is facing this long imprisonment for no reason ».

Comrades and teachers from the University of Bologna support Patrick a lot. Furthermore, part of civil society and Italian institutions have mobilized to make him recognize Italian citizenship, among them also Senator Liliana Segre. Do you think this is enough?
“I just want to thank these people for everything they have done and are still doing for us, I really appreciate their help and that of anyone who can be close to my brother right now. It is essential for him not to feel abandoned ».

On June 16, his brother will turn 30. What do you wish him?
«I obviously hope to be able to celebrate with him in our house in Mansoura, from where he has been missing for more than a year. And to see him happy again as he was, with his beautiful smile. Most of all, however, I wish him to return to his Bologna to study, because I know this is his greatest desire: to learn and grow. And I really don’t think this is a crime. ”

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