He laid flowers on the rubble of the hotel, father Feniello – time.news acquitted

time.news. The Tribunal of time.news acquitted father Alessio Feniello who was on trial for having entered, on May 21, 2018, inside the area of ​​the Hotel Rigopiano subject to seizure.

Judge Valente decided to acquit the parent of one of the victims of the Rigopiano tragedy, Stefano, also recognizing for him the tenuousness of the fact and, therefore, the non-punishable nature of a gesture that, in fact, cannot be considered offensive. The fine of 4550 euros that had been imposed on him was also canceled.

According to the lawyer of the Feniello family it has been shown that “Feniello and his wife had gone there to bring flowers to their son’s” grave “; we have shown that they had decided to go for what happened a month earlier, on the occasion of Easter Monday, when different people had entered the area to have picnics, football matches, souvenir photos and even to remove rubble as souvenirs. These gestures, considered by the Feniello family as a desecration of a sacred place, needed to be canceled, and hence the decision to bring flowers. Blocked by the Carabinieri at the entrance, after discussing, they were let in but a report to the Public Prosecutor’s Office followed which he had decided to file against his wife (pursuant to art. 131 bis c., p ., considering the tenuousness of the fact) but to proceed against Feniello “.

The time.news prosecutor had asked for a 3-month sentence.


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