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Director Lal Jose has expressed his condolences on the untimely demise of lyricist Bichu Thirumala. In the memoir, he recounts a private conversation that took place twenty-five years ago. He revealed the words of Bichu Thirumala about his life while working on the film ‘Mazhayettum Munpe’. Lal Jose recalls that the bitch said that he would die only after the age of seventy-nine.

‘A quarter of a century ago, before the rain, the poet told me a secret during an evening conversation between songs. There is no fear of Ayur at all, the demise will be after the age of seventy-nine. When I saw the news of his death today, I was shocked to see the age recorded in the news. Remember the adage that good poets have the ability to prophesy. Saraswati bows before the gifted Akshara Sri. Tributes’, said Lal Jose.

What Bichu Thirumala predicted about his own life back then came true. He is leaving at the age of eighty. The untimely demise of the songwriter’s magician brings tears to the eyes of the music industry. Bichu Thirumala passed away at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram this morning.


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