«He said that we invented abortion, a bestiality»- time.news

«He said that we invented abortion, a bestiality»- time.news
Of Simona Marchetti

With a long post on Instagram, the well-known actor, married to the journalist Francesca Berra, told of the existence of an audio, in which the criminologist and television face would have expressed doubts about the loss of the child by the couple

Claudio Santamaria is pissed off and the target of his anger is the criminologist Roberta Bruzzone, a well-known face of many television programs, according to which the actor and his wife, the journalist Francesca Barra, invented the loss of their child in 2019 (the couple later had a daughter named Athena). “It pains me to comment on such baseness, but I’m so pissed off that I feel I have to do it,” writes Santamaria not surprisingly in a long post on Instagram, where he explains what happened.

“It offends me and my wife”

«An audio was shared with some private conversations of the criminologist Roberta Bruzzone offending me and my wife @francescabarra1 (the audio was longer than the one you listen to and it also concerned me), claiming that we lied about the loss of the child: “ it seems that he invented the news”», continues the actor’s social outburst, accompanying the photo of Bruzzone with the quotation mark in question. «I’m not interested in getting into the legal disputes between you and the company Emme Team which also published this audio together with others against other people…. and I don’t care to dwell on the questionable methods by which all this is happening or even that such a thought has been made public. What shocks me and angers me is that a professional who deals with mourning, who should be sensitive to death and the pain of losing families, could have even thought about it», explains Santamaria who, understandably , it is a real river in flood.

“It borders on bestiality”

«We may not respect a person, a colleague, a neighbour, we may experience adverse feelings and dislikes, but this thought goes further: it borders on bestiality and the most dangerous gossip and I hope that the people who involve Mrs. Bruzzone in contexts where this behavior could be inconsistent with the stories you tell, they will take it into account», underlines the actor, before revealing the suffering experienced by his wife and the whole family for that abortion. «I feel like writing these things for myself, for the immense and constant pain that my wife also feels for that loss that I would never have wanted her to relive publicly and for the respect for the pain that we and our children have felt and for those who live these dramas also having to deal with the rubbish born of a person who is invited to television living rooms and your homes every day, judging facts and people », concludes Santamaria, who then added other Ig Stories on the subject. For now, Bruzzone has not replied to the actor’s accusations.

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