He shot at those who believed in the coronavirus – Newspaper Kommersant No. 224 (7186) dated 09.12.2021

“Kommersant” became aware of the first results of the investigation into the attack carried out in the MFC “Ryazansky” by reserve lieutenant colonel Sergei Glazov. The actions of the attacker, who on Thursday the Presnensky District Court will choose a preventive measure, are qualified as murder and attempted mass murder, committed on the basis of a conflict that suddenly arose out of personal hostility with an employee of the center, who tried to force the visitor to wear a medical mask. Giving testimony, Glazov said that he had made a combat pistol from a hollowed-out one in order to protect himself from “a criminal society generated by a fictitious coronavirus infection.” Doubting the adequacy of the killer, the investigators will send him for an examination in the very near future.

According to the picture of what happened, reconstructed by the investigators of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee in Moscow, at 15:15, Sergei Glazov arrived at the MFC, located on the first floor of house No. 10 on 1st Novokuzminskaya Street. Leaving the Stels bike on the street, the man approached an employee of the center, Vladimir Shemenov, asking him to give him a ticket to obtain a passport. Note that Glazov celebrated his 45th birthday on 26 August.

When Mr. Shemenov asked Glazov to put on a medical mask, he sprayed pepper gas into his face from the Epee can, and then pulled a pistol from his belt and killed him with a point-blank shot. Then the visitor mortally wounded the center guard Alexei Ruzlev and opened fire indiscriminately on the visitors. As a result, four more people were injured, including a child. When the killer’s pistol once again jammed, it was twisted by a police officer working in the center.

It should be noted that the killer had two dozen cartridges left and, if the pistol had not let him down, there could have been an order of magnitude more victims.

During interrogation, Glazov, admitting his guilt, said that in 2020 he himself made a military weapon from a hollow pistol. According to the killer, he needed it to protect himself from “a criminal society generated by a fictitious coronavirus infection.” Arriving at the home of the detainee on Konovalov Street, the participants in the investigation found various technical equipment, which, it is assumed, was used to make the so-called saw, and 16 thousand Swiss francs.

During a body search of the detained Glazov himself, a large amount of money was found in euros, dollars and rubles, in connection with which the media reported that the criminal had been preparing for an attack for a long time, having gone to the MFC with everything of value that he had at home. After the house search, it became clear that this was not the case.

Meanwhile, during the investigative actions, Glazov claimed that he had shot at other people who did not participate in the conflict, believing that they, too, “believe in the coronavirus infection.”

Such testimony may indicate the inadequacy of the shooter – in the near future he will be sent for a forensic psychiatric examination at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute.

According to Kommersant’s information, Sergei Glazov was born and raised in Moscow. He has not been previously prosecuted. He was not married, had no children and lived alone. After graduating from school in 1993, he entered the Institute of Cryptography, Communications and Informatics of the FSB Academy, and having received a higher technical education there, until the beginning of 2010 he served in the special services – FSB and SVR. The reason for his early dismissal is still unknown, but, according to some reports, it is related to his health condition. In any case, three years later, when his licenses for the storage of various weapons expired, Glazov did not renew them, but sold the barrels. Thus, from the arsenal of the future killer, obviously, fortunately for many, the traumatic pistols WASP R and Streamer 1014, as well as the Saiga carbine and the Bekas-12 auto smoothbore semi-automatic rifle, have legally disappeared.

Nikolay Sergeev



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