He stole a bag with hundreds of thousands of shekels from a bank and was caught

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Police forces were called to a bank branch yesterday afternoon following the theft of a deposit box from a counter at the scene. A quick inquiry with the security officer revealed that the suspect in the act was a customer who had recently stayed at the bank and performed a withdrawal operation at the branch.

Moriah police officers began searching for the suspect’s home, and together with the bank security guards who joined the attempts to locate him, they noticed that he had not yet had time to get away from the branch and was sitting with several bags in one of which the policeman located the bank stolen. The owner of the file also arrived at the scene and in his presence, the contents of the file were examined, which contained an estimated amount of approximately NIS 300,000 and various documents.

The suspect, a resident of Jerusalem in his sixties, was taken by the police for questioning at a police station, where the case was also returned to his owner, who confessed to it.

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