“He wants to legalize cannabis”. But now the Dadone can have the delegation to the anti-drug

Fabiana Dadone returns to the center of the political controversy. After posting a photograph with his feet on the table and Nirvana’s sweatshirt on Women’s Day, the grillino minister of youth policies ended up in the sights again. This time there are some rumors that the exponent of the 5 Star Movement could be entrusted with the government delegation to anti-drug policies. A news that has sparked the wrath of Giorgia Meloni, who bluntly criticized the hypothetical choice that Prime Minister Mario Draghi could make: “We hope that this news is not confirmed and that the government can officially deny it“.

The protest of the leader of Brothers of Italy is founded on the fact that Dadone in the past “on this issue it distinguished itself solely for having signed the proposals for the legalization of cannabis“. Therefore in his opinion it would be”very serious to learn that the task of fighting the drug and addiction emergency, which also due to Covid is taking on worrying contours“can be entrusted to the current Minister of Youth Policies. Therefore Meloni has launched a clear appeal to Forza Italia and Lega, the allies who currently support the executive led by the former governor of the ECB:”I trust that the center-right parties who sit in the government will also make themselves heard strongly“. For the president of FdI”This is certainly not the discontinuity on anti-drug policies, totally ignored by Conte“that one would have expected from Prime Minister Draghi.

The legalization of cannabis

The M5S has long been advocating the need to legalize cannabis. Even during the Coronavirus emergency, precisely on July 4, 2020, the grillino Giuseppe Brescia on your profile Facebook returned to the topic to reiterate the importance of an initiative in this sense: “If not now, when? Except now that (at least in theory) there would be a parliamentary majority willing to do it … Except now that the country needs new and winning ideas to start over … Except now that we have fully understood all the potential of this extraordinary plant … If not now, when?“.

Pure Beppe Grillo on his blog he has repeatedly insisted on legalization. In support of his position, he referred to a study conducted by David Nutt of the University of Bristol who compiled the ranking of the 20 most dangerous drugs in the world taking into account three factors: physical harm, addiction and social harm. The table shows that the result confirmed the dangerousness of some drugs such as heroin, “but in other cases it has ascertained the extreme danger of substances mistakenly considered “light”, such as alcohol or tobacco, both clearly above cannabis“.


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